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Great Minds Think Alike
That is why you are a client of Swiss Privilege. Being one of the leading financial management service provider in Hong Kong, Swiss Privilege is giving an exclusive offer to our existing clients through our Swiss Privilege Referral Programme.
Client Referral Programme
At Swiss Privilege we believe in a win-win situation. It is simple and straightforward - all you have to do is to refer a friend as smart as you are who can avail of Swiss Privilege services and you can successfully redeem valuable rewards!

In our Swiss Privilege Reward System, you can accumulate your points and redeem even higher value rewards. You will receive 100 points for each eligible referred friend and receive monthly statements from our Customer Care Team to confirm your points summary on an on-going basis.

To find out more about the Swiss Privilege Referral Programme,  just call our Customer Care Hotline at (852) 2864 5888.

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